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    • 04/17/2023
    • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

    Registration open 1/9/2023 - 4/14/2023

    Michael Mowbray, M. Photog, Cr. • 
    DeForest, Wisconsin • michaelmowbray.com

    Description In this program Michael makes the case for why LEDs are now finally a viable option for most studio portraits. Learn about the confluence of the three major factors that make them viable: Color, Power and Cost. Michael breaks down the LED options and what you need to look for when purchasing LED lighting for your studio. He explores the pros and cons of LEDs, and what types of portraiture LEDs work best for. 

    Key take-aways: 
    1) If LEDs should have a place in their lighting kit.
    2) The best practices for using LEDs.
    3) How to easily incorporate color with the latest in RGB LED technology.

    Master photographer, author, teacher, IPC juror, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Michael Mowbray is deeply involved in all aspects of the photography industry. His DeForest, Wisconsin-based studio focuses on seniors, headshots and commercial photography, while his MoLight brand of lighting equipment has quickly become a leading reseller of Godox flashes and MoLight's own unique lighting products. Michael is the author of the popular photography book Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studio (Amerherst Media). He is in demand on the speaking circuit with his programs on Headshots, Lighting, and Business.

    Since opening Beautiful Portraits by Michael in 2001, Michael Mowbray has gone on to win many awards for his portraiture and was named a medalist in the PPA International Photographic Competition in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018, 2019, and 2021. He has had the highest scoring wedding portrait in Wisconsin eight times. He has won the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award five times, and the Fuji Masterpiece Award for Outstanding Wedding Portraiture three times. Michael has also been named one of the Top 10 photographer sin Wisconsin multiple time and "Best of Madison" by readers of Madison Magazine.

    Michael gives back to the photographic community by sharing his expertise in classes, seminars, education videos, and by hosting the "Photo Happy Hour" podcast with Dan Frievalt and Carl Caylor, and his own podcast "Monday Morning Cup of Mo" 

    Schedule of Event:
    3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A
    4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
    4:05-8:00 Presentation (1-15 minute break)

    Bring to class: Camera, notebook & pen

      • 05/08/2023
      • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

      Registration open 2/6/2023 - 5/5/2023

      Gary Box, M. Photog, Cr. Photog., CPP • Sapulpa, Oklahoma • garybox.com

      The program will be broken up into 2 segments for Gary’s presentation. Two factors that can help make every photographer more successful, great lighting and great selling.

      Part 1: Approaches to great lighting
      Lighting does not have to be hard. Gary will show some simple to understand approaches to getting great lighting in studio and outdoors. Including balancing ambient light with off camera flash for a natural non-flashy look. He will also outline the tools he uses to make the job faster and easier.

      Part 2: Better Sales through in-person selling
      In the second half of Gary’s presentation, he will show us how to get better sales through in-person selling. The right approach, the right pricing strategies, and the right things to say. He will review the selling techniques he uses to average over $3000 per senior.

      Key takeaways:
      1.  Understand approaches to great lighting both indoor and outdoor.
      2.  Overview of tools used to make photography jobs easier.
      3.  Understand pricing strategies and techniques for in-person sales.

      Gary Box has been a full-time professional photographer for 30 years in Sapulpa OK, near Tulsa. Gary has run the scope of different business models from higher volume (1100 sessions a year) to medium volume and now lower volume (200 sessions a year) higher dollar. Currently averaging over $3000 on senior sessions.

      He has dedicated a great deal of time helping photographers grow their businesses and better their craft over the past 25+ years. He holds the Master and Craftsman degrees from PPA. He also is a Certified Professional Photographer and has helped serve on the national CPP board. Gary has taught and lectured to professionals across the country for over 20 years and is known for his easy-to-understand teaching style. Gary has an active Facebook group called Inside The Box Photo Group for photographers with over 14K members and growing.

      Schedule of Event:
      3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A
      4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
      4:05-5:45 Part 1
      5:45-6:15 Break
      6:15-8:00 Part 2

        • 07/10/2023
        • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
        • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
        Registration is closed

        Registration open 4/10/2023 - 7/7/2023

        Garon Cooper • Troy, Illinois • garonphotocinema.com

        Video is HOT right now! And if you're a photographer who has been frustrated with learning it, or if you've been too daunted by the idea to even try it, this course is designed just for you! Garon approaches the subject from a photographer's mindset to get you into 'filmmaker mode'. You'll learn how to 'think in video', get shot ideas, discover what to do and what not to do during the process, get familiar with some video gear, learn the basics of editing, and pick up loads of tips and ideas. The entire goal is to leave you with actionable steps to get started creating great video promotional content and exciting new offerings for your clients.

        Key take-aways:
        1. Learn how to think like a filmmaker when you're shooting
        2. Get familiar with tools Garon uses for video
        3. Learn the basics of editing video for impact

        Garon found a passion for storytelling and began his career in filmmaking in 2010 with a focus on weddings and commercial work. As he transitioned into the world of photography, he brought along his cinematic style to fuse into his images. He now offers a mixture of photo and cinematographic experiences to a variety of clients across genres - whether they be high school seniors, brides, CEO's, or moms.


          • 07/11/2023
          • TBD
          • 20
          Registration is closed

          Registration open 4/10/2023 - 7/10/2023

          Ready to get hands on with filmmaking techniques? We'll deep dive into the best ways to creating compelling video content with the equipment you have.

          Workshop Key take-aways:
          • Learn how to balance Ronins and gimbals
          • Practice different shot types for compelling storytelling
          • Watch and edit come together and follow along

          Attendees will want to bring their own gimbals (Ronins preferred), Laptops with final Cut Pro X, and video capable cameras to get the most out of the hands on portion.

          $199 TCPPA/PPA Members
          $249 Non-Members

          • 08/13/2023
          • TBD
          • 20
          Registration is closed

          Registration open 5/8/2023 - 8/11/2023

          If you are spinning your wheels and marketing your business feels like a guessing game, then let's fix it! Marketing doesn't have to be difficult & you can do it in a way that doesn't take much time. I'd love to teach you how!

          Workshop Key take-aways:

          1. Learn strategies to generate new leads, nurture your current clients and re-engage your previous clients.
          2. Learn how to batch and repurpose your content to maximize your marketing efforts.
          3. Structure your next quarterly marketing campaign and walk out with an action plan created by collaborating with me and the other attendees in this class.

          Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced

          $149 TCPPA/PPA Members
          $199 Non-Members

          • 08/14/2023
          • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
          • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
          Registration is closed

          Registration open 5/8/2023 - 8/11/2023

          Jena Golden, Senior Studio Success • Forsyth County, Georgia • jenagolden.com

          By the end of this class you will not only have a better understanding for why you need to be utilizing social media but also how to use it to your advantage in an easier way and most importantly, a new excitement for showing up there!

          If social media is overwhelming, frustrating, time consuming or annoying to you, then you are exactly who this workshop is for! You don't have to be constantly on your phone to make social media work for you, and I can show you how. The strategies I'll teach you will make social media fun again & bring in the bookings.

          Key Take-aways:
          1. How to show up consistently on social media without being on your phone all the time.
          2. How to book sessions from social media without having a large following.
          3. How to get known locally on social media and be the "go-to" photographer in your area.

          Jena has been a custom senior photographer for 17 years in Georgia. Through family moves and brief pauses to raise babies, she's rebuilt her business multiple times by cultivating strong local followings. Jena is also a business coach and the founder of Senior Studio Success where she loves to inspire photographers to be action takers and build profitable, productive, and purposeful studios using the systems and strategies she's learned over the years in her own studio.

          Schedule of Event:
          3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A
          4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
          4:05-8:00 Presentation (1-15 minute break)

            • 09/18/2023
            • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
            • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
            Registration is closed

            Registration open 6/12/2023 - 9/15/2023 

            Meet the Speakers:
            Annie Marie - Creating Fine Art Portraits
            Elevating your portraits with styling, lighting and editing. Annie will take you through her process and touch on the important elements that will take your images from average to amazing!

            3 key take aways: 1. Styling tips, 2. Lighting tips, 3. Editing tips

            Bio: Annie has been in business for over 28 years. Specializing in high school senior portraits, women, families, headshots and fine art portraits.

            Annie is a graphic artist and has a design shop where she creates templates and branding for photographers.

            She also mentors and speaks nationally on fine art portraits, branding and photoshop.

            Jeannine Pohl - Understanding Flash
            In this workshop, you will learn fundamentals of flash, inverse square law and six different flash techniques. Using flash gives you more flexibility in photographing your subject and enables you to confidently create dynamic dimensional photos 

            3 key take aways: 1. Understanding Flash, 2. Techniques, 3. Troubleshooting

            Jeannine has photographed over 700 weddings since 2007. She has had the opportunity to wok in diverse cultures, and venues. Her work has been featured in dozens of publications online and in print.

            Kristin Jones - Senior Posing Under Pressure
            Kristin will be teaching a series of 3 mnemonic devices to easily remember posing prompts.
            Set 1 - General posing base positions
            Set 2 - 3 prompts for each base position
            Set 3 - Camera crops to get in every position

            3 key take aways: 1. 3 mnemonic devices, 2. Confidence in knowing what to say to your clients, 3. Increase number and range of images you get in a shorter time period.

            Kristin spent 20 years as an ultrasound technologist before becoming a photographer. So you could say she went from photographing peoples insides to photographing their outsides. Taking photoshop classes 13 years ago to learn to make better posters she ended up buying a camera and hasn't put it down. Kristin photographs high school seniors, headshots and an occasional theatre production.  

            Mark Fierst - How to Stand Out In a Saturated Market
            In a world where everyone has a camera, how do you stand out and attract the clients that you want, at a price that you are worth? This presentation will focus on branding techniques designed to help you create or refine your brand. Attendees will learn how to: incorporate who they are into their brand, identify ways to connect with their customer avatar, set their prices to attract their key demographic.

            3 key take aways: 1. Empowerment in photography and brand, 2. Motivation to improve quality of finished work, 3. Formulated unique selling proposition

            Mark has been a professional photographer for 12 years, the last 6 of those have been full-time. He specializes in weddings, but has experience in portrait, event, corporate and sports. On the side, he tutors 4 classes at a homeschool co-op in Maple Grove.

            Schedule of Event:
            3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A
            4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
            4:05-8:00 Presentation (1-15 minute break)

              • 10/09/2023
              • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
              • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
              Registration is closed

              Registration open 7/10/2023 - 10/6/2023

              Megan Loeks • 
              Negaunee, Michigan • megloeks.com

              Join Meg Loeks as she discusses ways to keep young children engaged in good light, both natural and created. Participants will learn several tips and tricks when working with little ones and short attention spans. Meg will also discuss the importance of color theory and why it's such a powerful compositional tool, as well as compositional versatility. Learn how to strengthen the narrative within your work through personal experiences and daily life, as well as studying art forms like illustrations, classic art, movies and music. Lastly, Meg will discuss the importance of environment and sense of place.

              Key take-aways:
              1) Participants will learn how to create and modify light so that it is cohesive and consistent within their work
              2) Participants will learn how to keep children engaged in good light
              3) Participants will learn how to strengthen their frame by use of color and creative composition
              4) Participants will learn how to polish an image from start to finish utilizing Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

              Meg lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with her husband and five children. She is a children's fine art 
              and portrait photographer whose nostalgic work centers around the home. In-between photographing her family, she teaches several online and in-person domestic and international workshops. Meg is a mentor through Click Community, instructor through Click Photo School, a SIGMA Ambassador, 2022 Lightroom Ambassador and Profoto Legend of Light. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a nonprofit organization which gifts families battling pediatric cancer a free photo session.

              Schedule of Event:
              3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A (Submit your Member Q&A questions here: https://forms.gle/4JX4Qaa2EnjSsQ6PA)
              4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
              4:05-8:00 Presentation (1-15 minute break)

              Bring to Class: Notebook or laptop
              Skill Level: Intermediate Level (Suitable for beginners as well)

                • 11/12/2023
                • TBD
                • 20
                Registration is closed

                Registration open 5/8/14/2023 - 11/10/2023

                In this workshop, attendees will photograph a subject and create a character, then build a scene around them, using Photoshop, that tells the story.

                Workshop Key take-aways:
                • Photographing for extraction
                • Enhancing subjects in Photoshop
                • Using photoshop tools to create a painting

                Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
                Prerequisite: Basic Photoshop skills
                Bring to workshop: Wacom tablet (preferred) or mouse, 70 mm lens, laptop capable of running large documents in Photoshop.

                $149 TCPPA/PPA Members
                $199 Non-Members

                • 11/13/2023
                • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
                • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
                Registration is closed

                Registration open 8/14/2023 - 11/10/2023

                Corey McDonald, M.Photog., M.Artist, CPP • Monroeville, Albama • 


                Image competition can be daunting and intimidating process for photographers - tackling the twelve elements, figuring out what the story should be, client images vs. creating for competition... photographers and artists can get lost in the rabbit hole of possibilities. But once you figure out what your possibilities are, you'll never look at competition the same way again.

                Join Corey McDonald on a journey through his fantasy world of elves, dwarves, dragons, and men as he tells an epic tale of adventure and war in "Stories" ...and learn the process he uses to determine what story to tell and how he puts the images together to create his Imaging Excellence works of art.

                Corey will be using Photoshop to create one of these stories. 

                Key take-aways:

                1) Originality in image-making
                2) Stoytelling (12 elements)
                3) Tips and tricks in Photoshop to make images pop off the screen and paper

                Corey McDonald is a photographic artist from the backwoods of lower Alabama, in the small town of Monroeville, the backdrop of To Kill a Mockingbird. Corey has worked as a professional photographer since 2014. He is a 2022 Diamond Photographer and Platinum Artist, and has won numerous awards from the Senior and Youth National Conference, including Best of Show, multipe First Place trophies, and the coveted 2021 and 2022 Photographer of the Year. Corey's studio specializes in High School Seniors, Families, and Children.

                Corey is in the process of moving to Texas 

                Schedule of Event:
                3:30-4:00 Registration and Member Q&A
                4:00-4:05 TCPPA Updates
                4:05-8:00 Presentation (1-15 minute break)

                Bring to class: Notbeook or laptop

                Past events

                03/20/2023 TCPPA Zebra House Shoot-Out
                03/15/2023 Book Club - The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz
                03/13/2023 Dr. Tomayia Colvin: Pricing for Profit
                02/20/2023 Book Club - Members Only: Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz
                02/19/2023 2023 Print Competition
                02/06/2023 Kira Derryberry: Headshots are for Everyone - How to Book, Shoot, and Sell
                02/05/2023 Workshop - Corporate Composites with with Kira Derryberry
                01/16/2023 Book Club - Members Only: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
                01/09/2023 Robert Evans: The Power of Simple
                12/19/2022 Book Club - Members Only
                12/12/2022 TCPPA Holiday Party with Megan DiPiero
                11/21/2022 Book Club: She Sells by Megan DiPiero - Members Only
                11/15/2022 Workshop - Marketing & Content Creation Intensive with Rhea Whitney
                11/14/2022 Rhea Whitney: From Part-time to Full-time- What You Need To Know Before Taking the Big Jump & TCPPA Annual Meeting
                10/24/2022 Book Club: High Five Habit by Mel Robbins - Members Only -
                10/17/2022 WHCC Lab Tour & New Products {Plus Event}
                10/10/2022 Adam Hunter: Lightpainting and Advanced Retouch
                09/26/2022 Photographer Meetup
                09/19/2022 Book Club - Members Only
                09/12/2022 Phillip & Eileen Blume: The 3 Secrets to More Clients & Bigger Sales
                09/11/2022 Workshop - Maximizing Mini Sessions: $10K in One Easy Weekend with The Blumes
                08/15/2022 Book Club: Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards - Members Only
                08/08/2022 Thomas Nguyen: Killer Angles and Posing with Seniors
                07/18/2022 Book Club: Rocket Fuel - Members Only
                07/11/2022 Nate Grahek: How to Fix Your Marketing with StoryBrand
                06/20/2022 Book Club: Marketing to Gen Z - Members Only
                06/13/2022 Robin Janson: Volume Sports
                05/16/2022 Book Club: Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller - Members Only
                05/09/2022 Phaneendra Gudapati: Capturing and Enhancing Portraits The Güd Way
                04/11/2022 Book Club: Oversubscribed - Members Only
                04/04/2022 Dan Frievalt: Full Circle Seniors
                03/14/2022 Tara Rochelle: Everything Seniors - Styling, Posing and Model Teams
                03/13/2022 Workshop - Workflow and Retouching with Tara Rochelle
                03/07/2022 Book Club: Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller - Members Only
                02/07/2022 Michael Taylor: Lighting
                01/31/2022 Book Club: Giftology by John Ruhlin
                01/10/2022 Peter Hurley: The Headshot Crash Course
                01/03/2022 Book Club: How to Win Friends and Influence People - Members Only
                12/13/2021 TCPPA Awards Gala
                11/08/2021 Jessica Robertson: Bridging the Gap Between Passion and Profit
                11/07/2021 2021 Print Competition
                10/17/2021 TCPPA Fall Photo Walk
                10/11/2021 Joshua Hanna: Unconventional Senior Portraits
                10/10/2021 Workshop - Killer Composites: Simplified with Josh Hanna
                09/17/2021 Gregory & Lesa Daniel: Artist Projects to Fuel Your Passion
                09/13/2021 Sigmon & Taylor: Luxury by Necessity
                09/12/2021 Workshop - All the World is a Studio - Lighting Workshop with Sigmon & Taylor
                08/09/2021 Jen Bertrand: Editorial Studio Lighting from Start to Finish
                08/08/2021 Workshop - Hands-On Lighting – Indoor and Outdoor with Jen Bertrand
                07/13/2021 Susan Stripling: Lighting for Wedding Photographers
                06/16/2021 Members Only - June Happy Hour
                06/14/2021 Ian Plant:
                05/12/2021 Members Only - May Happy Hour
                05/10/2021 George Mitchell: The UN-Introduction to Food & Beverage Photography
                04/14/2021 Members Only - April Happy Hour
                04/12/2021 Perspectives from Inside the Photography Industry
                03/10/2021 Members Only - March Happy Hour
                03/08/2021 Christie Newell: Catering to your Clients
                03/07/2021 Workshop - Fine Art Maternity & Image Competition Prep - Christie & Rich Newell
                02/16/2021 Members Only - February Coffee Hour
                02/08/2021 Mary Fisk-Taylor: An Introduction to StoryBrand and Profit First
                01/11/2021 Nicki Hufford: Alternative Income Equals Freedom
                12/14/2020 TCPPA Holiday Party & Ugly Sweater Mixer
                12/14/2020 Belly Beautiful: Capturing the Emotion of Maternity and Newborn Photography
                11/09/2020 Carl Caylor: Carl Unplugged - Photographic Concepts and Philosophies
                11/08/2020 2020 Print Competition
                10/12/2020 Sean Brown: Elevating Your Senior Marketing and Branding
                09/14/2020 {POSTPONED} Belly Beautiful: Capturing the Emotion of Maternity and Newborn Photography
                08/24/2020 Twig and Olive: All About Families
                07/13/2020 Shannon Atchley: Lighten Up! Never Stress About Lighting Anyone at Anytime of Day
                06/08/2020 Brian Baer & Jes Galaska: You Don't Have to Start Over to Start Over: Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook
                05/11/2020 Makayla Jade: Regular Couples, $20K Clients
                04/18/2020 CANCELLED: AIM Conference - Adam Jones
                04/18/2020 CANCELLED: Workshop - Dennis & Cheri Hammon
                03/09/2020 Jeff Dachowski: Selling for Success
                02/10/2020 Craig and Unchong Obrist: All About Wedding Photography
                01/29/2020 WHCC Lab Tour & Software Intro {Plus Event}
                01/13/2020 SOLD OUT - Dan McClanahan: Light it up!
                12/09/2019 TCPPA 35th Anniversary & Awards Gala
                11/04/2019 Michael Mowbray: Headshots
                11/03/2019 2019 Print Competition
                10/15/2019 Workshop - Pricing and Marketing for Success - Jenn Lewis
                10/14/2019 Jenn Lewis: Full Service Experience
                09/09/2019 Darty Hines: Standout In Social Media
                08/13/2019 Marketing Mastermind {Plus Event}
                08/12/2019 Craig Stidham: Modern Seniors
                07/08/2019 David Beckham: Fashion Posing & Lighting for Seniors
                06/10/2019 Chris Knight: The Dramatic Portrait
                05/13/2019 Kay Eskridge: Empow(her) Create Empowering Images for Executive Women
                04/15/2019 Animal Image Makers Convention: Charles Glatzer and AIM Tradeshow
                03/11/2019 Dani Miller: The Wonder of Children
                03/10/2019 Workshop - Dani Miller - Creating Newborn Magic
                02/24/2019 {TIME & LOCATION CHANGE} TCPPA 2019 Spring Print Competition
                02/11/2019 Scott Detweiler: Photoshop Techniques for Skin and Automation
                01/14/2019 Brian DeMint: Creativity Not Conformity
                01/07/2019 Creating Your Social Media Calendar for 2019 {Plus Event}
                12/10/2018 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
                12/06/2018 Wedding Photographer Panel {Members Only Plus Event}
                11/06/2018 Hula Hooping Extraveganza {Members Only Plus Event}
                11/05/2018 Dan Francis: Preparing for Print Competition
                10/16/2018 Newborn Photography {Members Only Plus Event}
                10/08/2018 Dan Brouillette: Commercial Business Portraits and Developing a Commercial Portfolio
                09/27/2018 Sales and Customer Service {Members Only Plus Event}
                09/10/2018 Dan Rowe: Seniors
                08/13/2018 Mike Price: Photoshop Workflow
                08/08/2018 Getting It In Camera {Members Only Plus Event}
                07/23/2018 Selling Digitals & Prints: How to Make It Work For You! {Members Only Plus Event}
                07/09/2018 Pete Rezac: Character Portraits Start to Finish
                06/11/2018 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
                06/04/2018 Projection Sales & Studio Experience {Members Only Plus Event}
                05/14/2018 Kira Derryberry: Creative Light
                05/05/2018 Magical Mystery Studio Tour
                04/09/2018 Jeremy McColm: Volume Shooting and Streamline Post Production
                03/26/2018 Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
                03/22/2018 District Print Competition Viewing Party {Members Only Plus Event}
                03/12/2018 David Hakamaki: Home-Based Studio
                02/12/2018 Bryan Welsh: The Craft of Photography
                01/22/2018 CANCELLED: Print Competition Display & Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
                01/21/2018 2018 Print Competition
                01/09/2018 Print Competition Preparation Critique {Members Only Plus Event}
                12/11/2017 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
                12/07/2017 Print Competition Preparation Workshop {Members Only Plus Event}
                11/16/2017 Sarah Elizabeth {Members Only Plus Event}
                11/13/2017 Cathy Anderson Landscapes
                10/26/2017 Meet Your Board - Christi Williams {Member Only Event}
                10/17/2017 Dawn VanTassel {Members Only Plus Event}
                10/10/2017 Workshop - Russ Harrington - 700 Album Covers What I've Learned
                10/09/2017 Russ Harrington: Record album covers with fresh, innovative ideas
                09/19/2017 Rich Osness on Working with Children & Parents {Members Only Plus Event}
                09/11/2017 Kevin Jairaj Shooting Wedding and Portraits with Flair
                08/17/2017 Meet Your Board - Morgan Mosiman {Member Only Event}
                08/14/2017 Trish Logan Bring your Big Guns to Volume Sales
                08/06/2017 Reenactment Photography Event {Members Only Plus Event}
                07/23/2017 CANCELED: Meet Your Board - Lisa Asp {Member Only Event}
                07/10/2017 Adam Hunter Compositing in Photoshop
                06/16/2017 Camping & Photo Safari at Minneopa State Park {Members Only Plus Event}
                06/12/2017 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
                06/10/2017 Meet Your Board - Liz & Tom Hanly {Member Only Event}
                05/09/2017 Workshop - Sandra Pearce Demystifying the Art of Photoshop Painting
                05/08/2017 Sandra Pearce Painting in Photoshop
                05/05/2017 Meet Your Board - Nate Peterson {Member Only Event}
                05/05/2017 Projection Sales Process & Psychology with Nate Peterson {Members Only Plus Event}
                04/12/2017 Pin ups: Finding Beauty in Everyone {Members Only Plus Event}
                04/10/2017 Jeff Gump: Volume- Sports and Event Photography
                03/13/2017 Teri Fode: Top Marketing Strategies for 2017
                02/16/2017 Rod & Steph Oman: Crack Your Client's Buying Code {Member Only Plus Event}
                02/13/2017 Paul Rogers: Monochromatic Storytelling
                01/01/2017 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
                01/01/2017 2017 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap
                12/12/2016 TCPPA 2016 Holiday Party and Silent Auction
                12/01/2016 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
                11/14/2016 Whitney Stevens- From Birth to One
                10/10/2016 Stephen Moody - Discovering the Artist Within
                10/09/2016 Seniors: Blending Confidence & Style with Julie Prairie, CPP {Member Only Plus Event}
                09/25/2016 Photographer's Self Defense {Member Only Plus Event}
                08/26/2016 Tettegouche Photo Safari {Members Only Plus Event}
                08/15/2016 Craig LaMere - Portraits
                07/11/2016 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
                06/27/2016 Personal Selling with Confidence! {Member Only Plus Event}
                06/13/2016 Ian Plant - Supercharge Your Vision
                05/09/2016 Ben Shirk
                05/03/2016 White House Custom Colour Lab Tour {Member Only Plus Event}
                04/11/2016 David Trust, CEO of PPA
                04/05/2016 Editorial Photography with Layne Kennedy {Member Only Plus Event}
                03/21/2016 Barbara Breitsameter
                03/15/2016 Speed Up Your Workflow with Lightroom {Member Only Plus Event}
                02/29/2016 Photoshop Actions, presents & Shortcuts {Members Only Plus Event}
                02/08/2016 Bry Cox
                01/25/2016 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap

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