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    • 10/10/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • NP Design & Photography - 145 W 2nd Street, New Richmond, WI
    • 17

    Join Josh as he guides you through simplifying the process of creating killer composite images.  From capture to editing, Josh will give you the tricks for the best results that will blow your clients away!  You will find some new techniques that you can adapt to your workflow immediately that will get clients  excited to book sessions!

    Josh Hanna is based out of Cross Lanes, West Virginia and is know for creating unique and eye-catching images especially for senior guys.  Not only is Josh an amazing photography, he is also a respected educator and creates templates and digital backgrounds for the photography industry.  His photoshop skills are simply the best!!!

    This class is limited to only 20 registrations and will sell out so register today! This is a PPA Merited Class.

    • 10/11/2021
    • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

    Joshua Hanna

    Charleston, West Virginia


    In today's market, great senior images are a dime a dozen...so modern seniors are looking for something different, unique, and eye catching. This is particularly true with senior guys! In this class, Josh will guide you through creating fresh senior images that today's senior guys are proud and excited to show off. Using typically unconventional methods for lighting, posing, shooting and editing, you will be sure to find some new techniques that you can adapt to your workflow immediately that will get your senior guys excited to book their sessions!


    Christian. Husband. Father. Artist. Photographer. Photoshopper. Teacher. SciFi Geek. Wannabe Musician.

    $10 Box-lunches (sandwich, chips, fruit and a cookie) are available from the venue. To order email LMcKenna@hoari.com with the following information: Name; Cell Phone #; Sandwich Choice (Ham & Swiss, Turkey & Provolone, BLT & Ranch Wrap); and TCPPA October Event. Reserve by October 8th.


      • 11/08/2021
      • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Holiday Inn & Suites St. Paul NE - 8511 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

      Jessica Robertson, M. Photog., Cr., CPP, FP

      Ashland, Virginia


      Most of us begin our photographic career with what we believe to be a "Passion" for photography. As our interest progresses for this wonderful field, we look to convert our new found love into profit. The subsequent steps are crucial to the success that may or may not follow. While this program is a must see for new photographers, it is also critical for those that want to improve their business and creativity. organization of the process allows for creativity and perfecting the process leads to profit. This program includes a step by step process to increasing business and profit by examining a pragmatic approach to an artistic endeavor.


      Jessica Robertson created Jessica Robertson Photographic Artistry over 19 years ago and currently serves the Richmond, Virginia area from her 3,000 square foot retail space in Ashland. With the support of her team, Robin and Karen, Jessica personally photographs over 200 seniors each year. She also photographs families, children, pets and headshots. These additional 100 sessions a year create a full circle of life studio based upon relationships.

      The studio's authentic imagery reflects their commitment to timeless, creative, memorable, unique, and storytelling portraiture. In an age of digital manipulation, filters and flash dries, Jessica hand crafts her images with light and detailed retouching. This dedication to quality and consistency results in superior printed portraits which hang in her clients' homes and are handed down from generation to generation.

      Because of her commitment to her photographic style and her pragmatic business philosophy, Jessica has established a reputation as the premier senior portrait photographer in her area.

      While Jessica strives to create artistic and consistent high-quality imagery, she recognizes how critical it is to stay focused on the fact that her art is a business. This has always been a crucial aspect of her success.

      Although the photography market is ever changing, she has been able to increase her gross sales and profit margin consistently each year. Jessica creates imagery that stands the test of time and forges relationships with her clients that withstands fluctuations in the economy.

      Jessica holds a degree in Art with a Concentration in Photography from Guilford College. Jessica has earned her PPA Masters of Photography, VPPA Associate Fellow  of Photography, and VPPA Fellow of Photography degrees, Most recently, Jessica earned her PPA Certified Professional Photographer and PPA Master Craftsman degrees. Since Jessica started competing in PPA's national print competition, her work has been included in the esteemed Loan Collection seven times and she has been recognized as Professional Photographer of the Year is out of the seven years she has participated. Through her professional affiliations and print competitions, Jessica strives to constantly improve her skills.

      Her professional life is balanced with being married to her husband, John and raising their two girls Grace, age 8, and Jaclyn, age 4. A full and busy life for sure! She is grateful for her family and for her ability to build and maintain a sustainable business based on her passion for photography.

      $10 Box-lunches (sandwich, chips, fruit and a cookie) are available from the venue. To order email LMcKenna@hoari.com with the following information: Name; Cell Phone #; Sandwich Choice (Ham & Swiss, Turkey & Provolone, BLT & Ranch Wrap); and TCPPA November Event. Reserve by November 5th.


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      09/12/2021 Workshop - All the World is a Studio - Lighting Workshop with Sigmon & Taylor
      08/09/2021 Jen Bertrand: Editorial Studio Lighting from Start to Finish
      08/08/2021 Workshop - Hands-On Lighting – Indoor and Outdoor with Jen Bertrand
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      03/07/2021 Workshop - Fine Art Maternity & Image Competition Prep - Christie & Rich Newell
      02/16/2021 Members Only - February Coffee Hour
      02/08/2021 Mary Fisk-Taylor: An Introduction to StoryBrand and Profit First
      01/11/2021 Nicki Hufford: Alternative Income Equals Freedom
      12/14/2020 TCPPA Holiday Party & Ugly Sweater Mixer
      12/14/2020 Belly Beautiful: Capturing the Emotion of Maternity and Newborn Photography
      11/09/2020 Carl Caylor: Carl Unplugged - Photographic Concepts and Philosophies
      11/08/2020 2020 Print Competition
      10/12/2020 Sean Brown: Elevating Your Senior Marketing and Branding
      09/14/2020 {POSTPONED} Belly Beautiful: Capturing the Emotion of Maternity and Newborn Photography
      08/24/2020 Twig and Olive: All About Families
      07/13/2020 Shannon Atchley: Lighten Up! Never Stress About Lighting Anyone at Anytime of Day
      06/08/2020 Brian Baer & Jes Galaska: You Don't Have to Start Over to Start Over: Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook
      05/11/2020 Makayla Jade: Regular Couples, $20K Clients
      04/18/2020 CANCELLED: AIM Conference - Adam Jones
      04/18/2020 CANCELLED: Workshop - Dennis & Cheri Hammon
      03/09/2020 Jeff Dachowski: Selling for Success
      02/10/2020 Craig and Unchong Obrist: All About Wedding Photography
      01/29/2020 WHCC Lab Tour & Software Intro {Plus Event}
      01/13/2020 SOLD OUT - Dan McClanahan: Light it up!
      12/09/2019 TCPPA 35th Anniversary & Awards Gala
      11/04/2019 Michael Mowbray: Headshots
      11/03/2019 2019 Print Competition
      10/15/2019 Workshop - Pricing and Marketing for Success - Jenn Lewis
      10/14/2019 Jenn Lewis: Full Service Experience
      09/09/2019 Darty Hines: Standout In Social Media
      08/13/2019 Marketing Mastermind {Plus Event}
      08/12/2019 Craig Stidham: Modern Seniors
      07/08/2019 David Beckham: Fashion Posing & Lighting for Seniors
      06/10/2019 Chris Knight: The Dramatic Portrait
      05/13/2019 Kay Eskridge: Empow(her) Create Empowering Images for Executive Women
      04/15/2019 Animal Image Makers Convention: Charles Glatzer and AIM Tradeshow
      03/11/2019 Dani Miller: The Wonder of Children
      03/10/2019 Workshop - Dani Miller - Creating Newborn Magic
      02/24/2019 {TIME & LOCATION CHANGE} TCPPA 2019 Spring Print Competition
      02/11/2019 Scott Detweiler: Photoshop Techniques for Skin and Automation
      01/14/2019 Brian DeMint: Creativity Not Conformity
      01/07/2019 Creating Your Social Media Calendar for 2019 {Plus Event}
      12/10/2018 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
      12/06/2018 Wedding Photographer Panel {Members Only Plus Event}
      11/06/2018 Hula Hooping Extraveganza {Members Only Plus Event}
      11/05/2018 Dan Francis: Preparing for Print Competition
      10/16/2018 Newborn Photography {Members Only Plus Event}
      10/08/2018 Dan Brouillette: Commercial Business Portraits and Developing a Commercial Portfolio
      09/27/2018 Sales and Customer Service {Members Only Plus Event}
      09/10/2018 Dan Rowe: Seniors
      08/13/2018 Mike Price: Photoshop Workflow
      08/08/2018 Getting It In Camera {Members Only Plus Event}
      07/23/2018 Selling Digitals & Prints: How to Make It Work For You! {Members Only Plus Event}
      07/09/2018 Pete Rezac: Character Portraits Start to Finish
      06/11/2018 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
      06/04/2018 Projection Sales & Studio Experience {Members Only Plus Event}
      05/14/2018 Kira Derryberry: Creative Light
      05/05/2018 Magical Mystery Studio Tour
      04/09/2018 Jeremy McColm: Volume Shooting and Streamline Post Production
      03/26/2018 Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
      03/22/2018 District Print Competition Viewing Party {Members Only Plus Event}
      03/12/2018 David Hakamaki: Home-Based Studio
      02/12/2018 Bryan Welsh: The Craft of Photography
      01/22/2018 CANCELLED: Print Competition Display & Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
      01/21/2018 2018 Print Competition
      01/09/2018 Print Competition Preparation Critique {Members Only Plus Event}
      12/11/2017 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
      12/07/2017 Print Competition Preparation Workshop {Members Only Plus Event}
      11/16/2017 Sarah Elizabeth {Members Only Plus Event}
      11/13/2017 Cathy Anderson Landscapes
      10/26/2017 Meet Your Board - Christi Williams {Member Only Event}
      10/17/2017 Dawn VanTassel {Members Only Plus Event}
      10/10/2017 Workshop - Russ Harrington - 700 Album Covers What I've Learned
      10/09/2017 Russ Harrington: Record album covers with fresh, innovative ideas
      09/19/2017 Rich Osness on Working with Children & Parents {Members Only Plus Event}
      09/11/2017 Kevin Jairaj Shooting Wedding and Portraits with Flair
      08/17/2017 Meet Your Board - Morgan Mosiman {Member Only Event}
      08/14/2017 Trish Logan Bring your Big Guns to Volume Sales
      08/06/2017 Reenactment Photography Event {Members Only Plus Event}
      07/23/2017 CANCELED: Meet Your Board - Lisa Asp {Member Only Event}
      07/10/2017 Adam Hunter Compositing in Photoshop
      06/16/2017 Camping & Photo Safari at Minneopa State Park {Members Only Plus Event}
      06/12/2017 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
      06/10/2017 Meet Your Board - Liz & Tom Hanly {Member Only Event}
      05/09/2017 Workshop - Sandra Pearce Demystifying the Art of Photoshop Painting
      05/08/2017 Sandra Pearce Painting in Photoshop
      05/05/2017 Meet Your Board - Nate Peterson {Member Only Event}
      05/05/2017 Projection Sales Process & Psychology with Nate Peterson {Members Only Plus Event}
      04/12/2017 Pin ups: Finding Beauty in Everyone {Members Only Plus Event}
      04/10/2017 Jeff Gump: Volume- Sports and Event Photography
      03/13/2017 Teri Fode: Top Marketing Strategies for 2017
      02/16/2017 Rod & Steph Oman: Crack Your Client's Buying Code {Member Only Plus Event}
      02/13/2017 Paul Rogers: Monochromatic Storytelling
      01/01/2017 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
      01/01/2017 2017 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap
      12/12/2016 TCPPA 2016 Holiday Party and Silent Auction
      12/01/2016 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
      11/14/2016 Whitney Stevens- From Birth to One
      10/10/2016 Stephen Moody - Discovering the Artist Within
      10/09/2016 Seniors: Blending Confidence & Style with Julie Prairie, CPP {Member Only Plus Event}
      09/25/2016 Photographer's Self Defense {Member Only Plus Event}
      08/26/2016 Tettegouche Photo Safari {Members Only Plus Event}
      08/15/2016 Craig LaMere - Portraits
      07/11/2016 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
      06/27/2016 Personal Selling with Confidence! {Member Only Plus Event}
      06/13/2016 Ian Plant - Supercharge Your Vision
      05/09/2016 Ben Shirk
      05/03/2016 White House Custom Colour Lab Tour {Member Only Plus Event}
      04/11/2016 David Trust, CEO of PPA
      04/05/2016 Editorial Photography with Layne Kennedy {Member Only Plus Event}
      03/21/2016 Barbara Breitsameter
      03/15/2016 Speed Up Your Workflow with Lightroom {Member Only Plus Event}
      02/29/2016 Photoshop Actions, presents & Shortcuts {Members Only Plus Event}
      02/08/2016 Bry Cox
      01/25/2016 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap

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