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Makayla Jade: Regular Couples, $20K Clients


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Makayla Jade Harris - Saratoga Springs, NY - www.theharrisco.com

Learn the start to finish wedding client journey, from on-boarding through final product delivery and how to increase revenue throughout the experience so you can work with fewer clients at a high profit margin (and still have time for all the things you love!).

Makayla Jade, co-founder of The Harris Company, developed a brand distinguished by providing an elevated photo and cinema client experience, propelling the company to reaching multiple six figures in less than 3 years by appealing to a niche clientele that places a high value on printed products & photographic art.  Makayla Jade has been featured in major industry magazines & conferences, sharing techniques involving business systems, brand marketing, and unique approach to educating clients about the importance of print and investing in heirlooms through her newest endeavor, Printographers Society.

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