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We are an association of professional photographers, dedicated to raising the level of our photography skills through on going education with a commitment to professionalism, and higher business standards.

The TCPPA is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

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President's Message

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I’m so excited for our upcoming programs and have been looking forward to August for quite some time. The really great thing I’ve been anxious to share is that not only do we have CRAIG LA MERE speaking in August, but he’s also offered to do a small, intimate hands-on workshop the following day! I love opportunities like this because it’s such a great way to learn how

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TCPPA Testimonial


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Special Event: Tim Walden

Monday, September 19, 2016 - Tim Walden: "Images That Speak"

TCPPA, MNPPA and SMNPPA are proud to present Tim Walden's "Images That Speak" at the Minneapolis Photo Center from 9am-5pm.

Tim Walden's photographic forte is capturing relationship images and emotionally resonant images that show the connection between subjects. To achieve this goal, he strives to proceed through a three-step portrait process: capture, adjust, and refine. He studies the clients and does not push the shutter button until he sees some magic unfold. If the clients are still "in the moment," he may make a slight adjustment to the pose or lighting and capture a second, slightly varied image. If the subjects are still enthralled at that point, he will make a further refinement, producing a portrait that, in Tim's mind, is the pinnacle shot- the dynamic, emotionally evocative, storytelling image he strives for.

This seminar is open to the general public.  Registration is only $49 to attend this event.  More information and registration is here:

See the Difference

see the differenceSee the Difference between a photographer and a Professional Photographer. Your family portrait, senior photos, baby photos, weddings are all priceless moments that deserve what a professional photographer offers in their technical training, creativity and image solutions to capture the essence of the image.

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