Upcoming events

    • 07/13/2020
    • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)

    Shannon Atchley - Higdon, AL - www.atchleyphotography.com

    In this highly competitive market, photographers who know how to light anyone, anywhere, have a distinct advantage; they don't have to rely on the golden hour to get stunning images. In this program, Shannon will show you how to make photos at any time of day to achieve the rich, vibrant colors she is known for in her senior photography work.

    Using both natural light and strobes and knowing when to use them will be a game-changer for you! Shannon is known for her easy and relatable teaching style and will also be going over her best tips for posting to social media.

    Shannon will also go over her model program and some of her more popular model shoots. She will cover how to make these fun for the girls and also get great images that will wow your clients! She will walk you through styling, posing and picking a theme.

    Key takeways from this program:
    • Never fear bright light, airy light, or low light again!
    • Expand your portrait schedule (and increase your profits!) by not limiting your session times to golden hour.
    • Create stunning images that parents and seniors will relate to and want.
    • Grow your business organically through social media with no ad spend.
    • Make your model team work for you.

    About Shannon:
    Shannon Atchley is a photographer educator and mentor and runs a successful portrait studio that caters to seniors in the great Chattanooga, TN area. For the last 13 years, she's dedicated herself to the craft of lighting and teaching other photographers how to "not fear the strobe". When she doesn't have the camera to her face, Shannon enjoys spending time with her two sons and husband and the world's cutest Labradors.

      • 08/24/2020
      • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)

      Doug Weittenhiller (Twig and Olive) - Madison, WI - www.twigandolivephotography.com

      This day all about families will be divided into two sections classroom instruction and a live shoot.

      Part 1 - All About Families | Creating Beautiful Sessions within Your Brand covers everything about children and family photography! Topics include coaching your clients on ow to dress for your brand, attracting and keeping the clients you want, first year plans, sales and how to upsell your newborn clients into first year packages.

      Part 2 - Photography Families | Creating an Interactive Experience; Stuck in a shooting rut? Gone are the days of boring cookie cutter family portrait sessions in front of a boring backdrop. Shoot alongside us as we photography a family utilizing an "unposed" style. Watch as we interact with our clients and make family photography easy and fun.


      Douglas Weittenhiller accidentally became a photographer when his wife's growing hobby forced him to quit his real job. Thankfully, he didn’t completely suck. With his newfound love of not having a boss (other than his wife), he applied his nerdy background in science to learning everything about the craft. He’s at his best with people who enjoy a good laugh, a tasty beverage, and an interest in the world around them.

        • 09/14/2020
        • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)

        Karen Marie (Belly Beautiful) - Roseville, CA - www.bellybeautifulportraits.com

        Posing, Lighting and business insights.


          • 10/12/2020
          • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)

          Sean Brown - Vancouver, WA - www.seanbrownproductions.com

          There's a shift happening in how we need to market to our seniors, but how are you embracing that change? In this course, I will be covering what needs to be done to elevate your senior marketing and branding to stay on top and be the go-to senior photographer in your market. Here we'll be covering what is working today and what you can do to make actionable changes in your senior business and what's working in marketing and branding right now. This will be all about how to stay – or become – relevant with this new generation of seniors!


          Sean Brown is a photographer based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest specializing in high school senior portrait photography. Sean believes that photography should be personal and that each person should come away with images that bring out their personality and who they are as a person. He loves to incorporate his seniors’ personalities with a modern, vibrant approach to senior photography. Along with being published in numerous magazines, he has been named four years running as one of the Top 100 High School Senior Photographers in the nation by Senior Style Guide Magazine and one of the Top 25 Most Inspiring Teen Photographers by Modern Teen Style Magazine.

            • 11/08/2020
            • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
            • TBD

            Print competition is a free event for members and non-members to come experience judging, hear critiques and learn from what the judges have to say.  We encourage everyone to take part through entering and challenging yourself to push your creativity, and, at the very least, come see the entries and learn from other people's work.


            • 11/09/2020
            • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CST)

            Carl Caylor, PPA Certified, MPhotog.Cr, F-WPPA, Kodak-Alaris Mentor - Iron Mountain, MI - www.photoimagesbycarl.net

            This program will take you on a Natural Light and OCF Journey from the open scene you walk up to… all the way to a finished portrait. Carl will go through his thought process of why he chose the location. He will show how to use existing design elements.  He will show usable light within the area and how to pose within that light.  He will share how his thoughts for the finished print evolve from vision to reality with darkroom techniques that anyone can master. 

            Carl’s goal is to open your mind to the thought process that goes on when creating an image for both PPA print competition and for your client. He will discuss light, posing within the light, color harmony, composition, and more of the 12 elements of an artistic image in terms of client work and PPA Print Competition. 

            Carl will do a brief image critique of selected images from your membership.  Please email your association images a week in advance if you would like to be included in the live critiques. (No names will be used.  This is for accelerated learning potential.) 

            When you leave this program, you will find new backgrounds in places you would normally walk by. You will see usable light, depth and dimensions like never before. You will understand when and how to work without strobes.  You will know how to create emotion in your work and how to use psychology to your advantage. Yes.  It is a lot to take in, but you can’t help but learn with the real stories, straight forward explanations and demonstrations of each and every detail.

            Bio: Carl is a down-to-earth, portrait photographer and photographic instructor. He is a Kodak-Alaris mentor and has been involved with professional photography for over 25 years. He started his photographic career in the darkroom as a custom printer and technician. He is PPA certified, a master photographer, a craftsman with Professional Photographers of America and an international judge. He has won numerous national awards for his photography, including 29 PPA Loan Collections and several Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards.

            Carl is the author of the book “Portraiture Unplugged” a guide to natural light portraits and is one of the most sought-after instructors in the country because of his "hands-on" coaching approach. Don't plan on simply watching in his workshop class—Carl will challenge you to become a better photographer than you already are. His photographic skills are just part of what will help each student. His greatest strength is his ability to see what skills others already possess and then break things down in simple terms to help enhance those skills to reach a new level. 

            Carl prides himself on working hard to be prepared. He stays current on new concepts but is not afraid to look back to the old. He diligently studies photography and art to give his guests and his students the best service he can.

              • 12/14/2020
              • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)
              • TBD

              Come join us for our Holiday Gathering and awards celebration, celebrating the year of education, fellowship and fun and the winners of our 2020 print competition. Mark your calendar for this event to take the time to enjoy fellow TCPPA Members, guests and the success of your studio and self development in providing exceptional photography for your clients.

              Past events

              06/08/2020 Brian Baer & Jes Galaska: You Don't Have to Start Over to Start Over: Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook
              05/11/2020 Makayla Jade: Regular Couples, $20K Clients
              04/18/2020 CANCELLED: AIM Conference - Adam Jones
              04/18/2020 CANCELLED: Workshop - Dennis & Cheri Hammon
              03/09/2020 Jeff Dachowski: Selling for Success
              02/10/2020 Craig and Unchong Obrist: All About Wedding Photography
              01/29/2020 WHCC Lab Tour & Software Intro {Plus Event}
              01/13/2020 SOLD OUT - Dan McClanahan: Light it up!
              12/09/2019 TCPPA 35th Anniversary & Awards Gala
              11/04/2019 Michael Mowbray: Headshots
              11/03/2019 2019 Print Competition
              10/15/2019 Workshop - Pricing and Marketing for Success - Jenn Lewis
              10/14/2019 Jenn Lewis: Full Service Experience
              09/09/2019 Darty Hines: Standout In Social Media
              08/13/2019 Marketing Mastermind {Plus Event}
              08/12/2019 Craig Stidham: Modern Seniors
              07/08/2019 David Beckham: Fashion Posing & Lighting for Seniors
              06/10/2019 Chris Knight: The Dramatic Portrait
              05/13/2019 Kay Eskridge: Empow(her) Create Empowering Images for Executive Women
              04/15/2019 Animal Image Makers Convention: Charles Glatzer and AIM Tradeshow
              03/11/2019 Dani Miller: The Wonder of Children
              03/10/2019 Workshop - Dani Miller - Creating Newborn Magic
              02/24/2019 {TIME & LOCATION CHANGE} TCPPA 2019 Spring Print Competition
              02/11/2019 Scott Detweiler: Photoshop Techniques for Skin and Automation
              01/14/2019 Brian DeMint: Creativity Not Conformity
              01/07/2019 Creating Your Social Media Calendar for 2019 {Plus Event}
              12/10/2018 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
              12/06/2018 Wedding Photographer Panel {Members Only Plus Event}
              11/06/2018 Hula Hooping Extraveganza {Members Only Plus Event}
              11/05/2018 Dan Francis: Preparing for Print Competition
              10/16/2018 Newborn Photography {Members Only Plus Event}
              10/08/2018 Dan Brouillette: Commercial Business Portraits and Developing a Commercial Portfolio
              09/27/2018 Sales and Customer Service {Members Only Plus Event}
              09/10/2018 Dan Rowe: Seniors
              08/13/2018 Mike Price: Photoshop Workflow
              08/08/2018 Getting It In Camera {Members Only Plus Event}
              07/23/2018 Selling Digitals & Prints: How to Make It Work For You! {Members Only Plus Event}
              07/09/2018 Pete Rezac: Character Portraits Start to Finish
              06/11/2018 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
              06/04/2018 Projection Sales & Studio Experience {Members Only Plus Event}
              05/14/2018 Kira Derryberry: Creative Light
              05/05/2018 Magical Mystery Studio Tour
              04/09/2018 Jeremy McColm: Volume Shooting and Streamline Post Production
              03/26/2018 Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
              03/22/2018 District Print Competition Viewing Party {Members Only Plus Event}
              03/12/2018 David Hakamaki: Home-Based Studio
              02/12/2018 Bryan Welsh: The Craft of Photography
              01/22/2018 CANCELLED: Print Competition Display & Prop Drop and Swap, Vendor Tradeshow & Mini-Seminars
              01/21/2018 2018 Print Competition
              01/09/2018 Print Competition Preparation Critique {Members Only Plus Event}
              12/11/2017 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
              12/07/2017 Print Competition Preparation Workshop {Members Only Plus Event}
              11/16/2017 Sarah Elizabeth {Members Only Plus Event}
              11/13/2017 Cathy Anderson Landscapes
              10/26/2017 Meet Your Board - Christi Williams {Member Only Event}
              10/17/2017 Dawn VanTassel {Members Only Plus Event}
              10/10/2017 Workshop - Russ Harrington - 700 Album Covers What I've Learned
              10/09/2017 Russ Harrington: Record album covers with fresh, innovative ideas
              09/19/2017 Rich Osness on Working with Children & Parents {Members Only Plus Event}
              09/11/2017 Kevin Jairaj Shooting Wedding and Portraits with Flair
              08/17/2017 Meet Your Board - Morgan Mosiman {Member Only Event}
              08/14/2017 Trish Logan Bring your Big Guns to Volume Sales
              08/06/2017 Reenactment Photography Event {Members Only Plus Event}
              07/23/2017 CANCELED: Meet Your Board - Lisa Asp {Member Only Event}
              07/10/2017 Adam Hunter Compositing in Photoshop
              06/16/2017 Camping & Photo Safari at Minneopa State Park {Members Only Plus Event}
              06/12/2017 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
              06/10/2017 Meet Your Board - Liz & Tom Hanly {Member Only Event}
              05/09/2017 Workshop - Sandra Pearce Demystifying the Art of Photoshop Painting
              05/08/2017 Sandra Pearce Painting in Photoshop
              05/05/2017 Meet Your Board - Nate Peterson {Member Only Event}
              05/05/2017 Projection Sales Process & Psychology with Nate Peterson {Members Only Plus Event}
              04/12/2017 Pin ups: Finding Beauty in Everyone {Members Only Plus Event}
              04/10/2017 Jeff Gump: Volume- Sports and Event Photography
              03/13/2017 Teri Fode: Top Marketing Strategies for 2017
              02/16/2017 Rod & Steph Oman: Crack Your Client's Buying Code {Member Only Plus Event}
              02/13/2017 Paul Rogers: Monochromatic Storytelling
              01/01/2017 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
              01/01/2017 2017 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap
              12/12/2016 TCPPA 2016 Holiday Party and Silent Auction
              12/01/2016 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
              11/14/2016 Whitney Stevens- From Birth to One
              10/10/2016 Stephen Moody - Discovering the Artist Within
              10/09/2016 Seniors: Blending Confidence & Style with Julie Prairie, CPP {Member Only Plus Event}
              09/25/2016 Photographer's Self Defense {Member Only Plus Event}
              08/26/2016 Tettegouche Photo Safari {Members Only Plus Event}
              08/15/2016 Craig LaMere - Portraits
              07/11/2016 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
              06/27/2016 Personal Selling with Confidence! {Member Only Plus Event}
              06/13/2016 Ian Plant - Supercharge Your Vision
              05/09/2016 Ben Shirk
              05/03/2016 White House Custom Colour Lab Tour {Member Only Plus Event}
              04/11/2016 David Trust, CEO of PPA
              04/05/2016 Editorial Photography with Layne Kennedy {Member Only Plus Event}
              03/21/2016 Barbara Breitsameter
              03/15/2016 Speed Up Your Workflow with Lightroom {Member Only Plus Event}
              02/29/2016 Photoshop Actions, presents & Shortcuts {Members Only Plus Event}
              02/08/2016 Bry Cox
              01/25/2016 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap

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