Upcoming events

    • 01/21/2018
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • National Camera Exchange - Burnsville ( 14380 Burnhaven Dr, Burnsville, MN 55306)

    Print competition is a free event for members and non-members to come experience judging, hear critiques and learn from what the judges have to say.  We encourage everyone to take part through entering and challenging yourself to push your creativity, and, at the very least, come see the entries and learn from other people's work.

    Our judging panel will include:  Randy Peterson, Steve Kemp, Toni Harryman, Michael Cravens and JuliAnne Jonker. David Grupa will be the jury chair.


    2018 Print Competition Rules 

    Print Judging Date: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, January 21, 2018

                National Camera Exchange
                14380 Burnhaven Dr.
                Burnsville, MN 553

    Registration Deadline: 5 pm Friday January 19, 2018 @ printcompetition.com

    Delivery/Ship in start date: January 10, 2018

                (All entries being physically delivered, shipped or mailed need to be sent so as to arrive at the address below no later than 4 pm Friday, January 19, 2018.)

    Entry Fee:  $10 per entry (TCPPA Members) | $15 per entry (Non-members)

                          $20 senior folio competition – see rules below

                          All images, whether prints or digital, must be pre-registered and pre-paid

                          at printcompetition.com by 5 p.m. Friday, January 19, 2018. 



    Please read the following print rules carefully.

     You may enter either prints or digital images. For this year, only print entries will be eligible for TCPPA, Student and Vendor awards. All images, whether prints or digital, must be pre-registered and pre-paid at printcompetition.com by 5 p.m. Friday, January 19, 2018.  Uploaded files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi).  Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 10 MB.

    Shipping Information: If you are shipping your cases, they must be dropped off or shipped to arrive at the following address by 4 pm Friday, January 19, 2018. 

    Lisa Asp – Print Chair
    Tangerine House of Design
    6129 France Avenue South
    Edina, MN 55410

    Additional rules and information follow below and is also available at the printcompetition.com website, association website or by contacting Print Chair Lisa Asp at info@lisaasp.com or 952-303-3619

    The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic or digital prints, digital albums, and/or traditional albums to be judged relative to the 12 Elements of a Merit Print for the purpose of critique and/or competing for awards. For more information, see: http://www.ppa.com/competitions/content.cfm?ItemNumber=1792&navItemNumber=2213

    Judging will be to PPA standards but it should be noted that this is NOT a PPA Affiliated Competition and PPA merits can NOT be earned. These rules pertain to images created by traditional photographic processes as well as those captured electronically with a digital camera or scanner.

    This competition is open to anyone. Awards will only be given for physical (print) entries, with the exception of album entries per association rules.  Digital entries will be scored but are not eligible for awards. Only current members of TCPPA are eligible for Association and Vendor awards. Senior folios may be entered either digitally or physically by anyone, but only TCPPA members will be eligible for folio awards.

    PrintCompetition.com: As mentioned earlier, ALL entries must be pre-registered and the entry fee pre-paid at printcompetition.com by 5 pm Friday, January 19, 2018.  You may view live judging through the Print Competition Game Day app on your computer, smart phone or tablet that will allow you to watch the judging as it happens (audio is not available). You will see current image that is being seen by the judges and watch the results come in. The app automatically refreshes so you just sit back and watch. In addition to the current image being judged, you will also see thumbnails of the top 16, a list of the last 20 scores and a list of the next 15 coming up. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to apps that give you even more features.  Note:  there is no audio with the online judging, so we recommend you attend live judging if possible to hear the judge’s remarks.

    Questions: Contact Print Chair Lisa Asp at info@lisaasp.com or 952-303-3619.

    Student Entrants: In order to qualify for the student awards, the entrant must be enrolled in a college or post-secondary school within the confines of Minnesota region. A full time student must carry 12 semester hours. Students are eligible to qualify for student awards provided that they are also: a) a member of TCPPA, and b) have complied with official rules.  Student entrants are not eligible for Vendor awards or for any other TCPPA awards but qualify for the Student of the Year Award.


    1.    The entrant must have captured and created the original exposure.
    2.    Any entry which has been reproduced from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted, or displayed. If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the Photographic Competition Committee, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law that entry shall be disqualified.
    3.    The entrant’s name shall not appear anywhere on the face of the entry.
    4.    There is no limit to the number of entries may be submitted per entrant. These may be a combination of prints and albums. Each print and/or album submitted counts as one entry. You must enter at least three prints/albums in order to be eligible for photographer of the year awards.
    5.    Entrant must have a model release on file for each entry submitted.
    6.    No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor/ speaker or workshop.
    7.    The same subject may be in more than one of the entrant’s submitted images.
    8.    Entries previously merited at any TCPPA or PPA International Competition are not eligible, including any image from a merited album.
    9.    Entry media includes photographic prints, folios, albums, digital albums or digital images.
    10. The print committee is not responsible for possible handling damage to entered submissions.
    11. No Late Entries will be accepted - please note the deadlines above.
    12. Entry fees will be paid on PrintCompetition.com at the time you register. Labels should be printed directly through PrintCompetition.com and adhered to the back of each print.
    13. Vendors require labels to be printed and adhered to the back of a print as well - be sure you follow the instructions for vendor awards to be eligible.


    1.    Portrait: Portrait photographs of any person or group of people. Bridal and Wedding portraits are not eligible.
    2.    Wedding/Candid: All photographs pertaining to brides, weddings or social events.
    3.    Illustrative/Unclassified: Pictorials, scenic, graphic art, pets or any subject matter with a creative theme should be entered in this category. Images that have been highly retouched or enhanced, including images of people, using digital methods or images that have been creatively altered using digital filters should be entered in this category. Commercial or industrial entries should also be entered under this category.
    4.    Event Album: Albums containing any subject matter from time-sensitive events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.
    5.    Non-Event Album: Albums containing any non-event subject such as portraits and storytelling albums.
    6.    Senior Folio: High school senior portraits showcasing at least 8 images from a single session.  See additional information below.  This category is open to anyone, but only TCPPA members are eligible for awards.

    The print chairperson and/or board have the right to question the category of any entry. The judges have the option to change the classification and their decision is final.

    NUMBER OF ENTRIES ALLOWED: You may submit any combination of albums or individual images. Seniors Folios is an additional category and does not count as a print case entry for awards.  There is an additional entry fee the senior folio category.


    1.    Sizes:  Entrants may submit printed images of any shape and size on a mount board with a minimum of 80 square inches (8x10) to a maximum of 480 square inches (20x24) with the largest dimension no longer than 24 inches. Traditional competition size has been 16x20, but non-traditional sizes are now acceptable within the dimensions stated above.

    2.    Mounting:  Print entries must be mounted on standard mount material (double weight mat board, gator board, ¼” foam, or Sintra). “Float” mounting is accepted at the entrant’s risk for damage.

    3.    An identical jpeg copy of the printed image must be uploaded to printcompetiton.com at the time you register your competition entries.

    4.    Images on metal and mounted to another standard material must have rounded corners and smooth edges. No mount that could potentially damage other entries or pose a danger to print handlers will be accepted.  No material may be added to the front or back of any entry that may damage another entry.

    5.    Masonite, glass, stretcher frames or conventional frames will not be accepted.

    6.    Use the official entry form and affix the official print label to the back of each print.

    7.    Adhere vendor award eligibility labels to the back of your print.



    All digital files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi).  Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 10 MB.


    1.    Album entries may be submitted in the form of a Traditional Album or a Digital Format Album.
    2.    There are 2 album entry categories - events and nonevents.
    3.    Events: Use this category for time-sensitive events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.
    4.    Non-events: Use this category for portraits and storytelling albums.
    5.    NOTE: Multi maker and single maker albums will be judged as one category.



    1.    Album covers must be between 63-400 square inches.
    2.    No multiple volume albums are allowed.
    3.    Any studio identification or entrant’s name in the traditional album must be covered.
    4.    Include the album label with your entry.
    5.    Even if you are entering a traditional, printed album, you must upload a digital file to printcompetition.com at the time you register your entry. This is for the purposes of watching the competition as it happens on the Game Day app from printcompetition.com. See the specs below for digital album entries.


    1.    Digital album entries must be uploaded to the PrintCompetition.com site as a single ZIP file.
    2.    All files must contain color space sRGB JPEG at quality setting 10.
    3.    Each canvas/file may be a single album side or a spread with as many images as you desire.
    4.    Any album may contain up to 36 “Canvas Files” and should be named in the appropriate order as follows:  Johnson_file01.jpg, Johnson_file02.jpg, etc.
    5.    Canvas/file01.jpg MUST be blank – filled with BLACK.
    6.    Studio identification or entrant’s name cannot appear on any file within the album entry.



    1.    To quality for TCPPA’s Senior Photographer of the Year award, you must enter one male and one female senior folio. Anyone may enter this judging, but only TCPPA members are eligible for awards.
    2.    Folios may be traditional or collage style design, with a minimum of 8 images. Size of folios is up to 12x24, including the outer edges of the cover, no larger.
    3.    Folios will be judged under the competition lighting standards and by the same panel of selected print judges. They will be judged relative to the 12 Elements of a Merit Print & under the same scoring system as print or album entries.
    4.    Seniors Folios is an additional category and does not count as a print case entry.  There is an additional entry fee of $10 per folio for the senior folio category.



    Only printed entries by TCPPA members are eligible for awards as per rules defined above. The following awards will be presented:

    1.    Judge’s Choice – After all judging is completed, each judge will be able to select their favorite entry of choice.
    2.    Certified Professional Photographer of the Year - high print case score of 4 entries (top 4 scores in the case if more than 4 are entered) for a Certified Professional Photographer. 
    3.    Lexjet Sunset Award – presented to an inkjet-printed entry.  See vendor rules below.  Judges will select the winner.
    4.    Fuji Masterpiece Award - presented to one printed portrait entry, one printed illustrative entry, and one printed wedding entry.  Entries must be printed on Fuji paper and score >80+.  See vendor rules below.  Judges will select the winners.


    1.    TCPPA Senior Photographer of the Year- highest scoring combination of male and female folios chosen by a panel of judges.  Given annually to the photographer having the highest combined score for their senior folios. Both masters and non-masters are eligible.
    2.    TCPPA Portrait Photographer of the Year- top scoring print case in Portrait category (top 3 of 4 scores).  Given annually to the photographer having the highest score for their top three prints in the portrait category. Their fourth entry may or may not be in the portrait category, but only their top three portrait scores will count towards this award. Both masters and non-masters are eligible.
    3.    TCPPA Wedding Photographer of the Year- top scoring print case in Wedding category (top 3 of 4 scores).  Given annually to the photographer having the highest score for their top three prints in the wedding/candid category. Their fourth entry may or may not be in the wedding/candid category, but only their top three wedding/candid scores will count towards this award. Both masters and non-masters are eligible.
    4.    TCPPA Illustrative Photographer of the Year – top scoring print case in the Illustrative Category (top 3 of 4 scores).  Given annually to the photographer having the highest score for their top three prints in the illustrative category. Their fourth entry may or may not be in the illustrative category, but only their top three illustrative scores will count towards this award. Both masters and non-masters are eligible.
    5.    TCPPA Top Album Photographer – top scoring album entry.  The TCPPA top album award is given annually to the highest scoring album. In the event of a tie, the judges will select the award winner.
    6.    TCPPA Photographer of the year- high total print case score of 4 entries.  This will be a non-master.  Given annually to the non-master photographer having the highest cumulative score for all four prints in any category.
    7.    TCPPA Master Photographer of the Year - high print case score of 4 entries for a Master Photographer.  Given annually to the master photographer having the highest cumulative score for all four prints in any category.
    8.    TCPPA Best of Awards – top scoring print in each category.
    9.    TCPPA Student Photographer of the Year – top scoring print case submitted by a eligible student member (top 3 of 4 scores).  Given annually to the student photographer having the highest cumulative score for top three prints in any category.
    10. TCPPA First Time Case Entry – top scoring print case (top 3 of 4 scores) from a TCPPA member who has never entered at TCPPA print competition.


    Lexjet Sunset Award:  The official Lexjet label must be printed and adhered to the back of your print. - If you need a blank label, please email lisa@tcppa.org for a copy.

    ·         All inkjet-printed entries are eligible to win the “Best Print in Exhibition” Sunset award

    ·         Entries need not be printed on Sunset inkjet media to win, but must be inkjet-printed

    ·         An image must be submitted and be judged as a print

    ·         The image must score >80 points during the PPA-style judging

    ·         The image must be chosen from the 10 highest scoring prints in the competition

    ·         The image cannot have won a Sunset award previously

    ·         The image must adhere to all rules and qualifications of the host print competition

    ·         The entrant must have all releases and permission of all subjects appearing in the image


    Fuji Masterpiece Awards   The official Fuji label must be printed and adhered to the back of your print.  This will be printed from the Fuji website.

    Please visit https://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/photofinishing/paper_lab_products/Masterpiece.html

    Only prints or printed albums will be considered for Fujifilm Masterpiece Awards.

    The image must be printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive.

    To be eligible, an online application must be filled out prior to the competition.  When doing so, please complete all fields except score (that gets written in later by judges).  https://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/photofinishing/paper_lab_products/pdf/2017_MasterpieceAwardApplication.pdf

    Tape the form to the back of the print so that the print committee knows that you are submitting to be considered as a Fujifilm Masterpiece Award.

    Full guidleines are here:  https://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/photofinishing/paper_lab_products/pdf/2017_Guidelines_Masterpiece_Award_Program.pdf

    The image must receive a score of 80 or more points during PPA affiliate judging to be eligible for a Fujifilm Masterpiece Award.

    One award will be presented in each of three categories: portrait, wedding, and illustrative.

    Judges will select the winners.

    • 01/22/2018
    • 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Century College - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

    Join us for our annual “Prop & Drop Swap”, vendor tradeshow, mini-seminars, print competition gallery and awards ceremony.  This is a great event to kick off your new year. 

    Prop & Drop Swap (4:00-8:00pm)

    Do you have extra stuff collecting dust that you’d like to unload?  Looking for new backdrops and/or props for your studio?  Here’s your chance!  Bring your items to sell or trade, or come buy some new things from someone else.


    Vendor Trade Show (4:00-8:00pm)

    Come check out some new products and some new vendors to kick up your product line or enhance your marketing.  Our vendors will have their products on display and can answer your questions and give you some new ideas.


    Competition Print Gallery (4:00-8:00pm)

    With judging complete on Sunday, all prints will be on display for you to view and discuss.  Come see the best images in the state, see how they scored, then discuss the images with the makers and your peers.


    Print Competition Awards (6:00pm)

    Come cheer on the winners and find out who will be named this year’s Photographer of the Year.


    Learn Some New Tips and Tricks

    Several mini-seminars will take place loaded with information and hands-on learning - choose which you’re most interested in or would like to learn more about.  Instructors and topics are:

    4:30-5:00pm - Nadine Babu - Social Media

    The importance of using social media in your profession. Hear about the different kinds of mediums, the benefits of each, and how to implement a social media strategy in the most efficient way possible.

    5:15-5:45pm - Allan Block - Video

    Veteran video producer, director, author and storyteller Allan Block will show you why you need to learn to use your DSLR to make videos.  He will talk about what it takes and what gear you need.  Use this knowledge for self-promotion or start incorporating video in your client work.

    6:30-7:00pm - Rikk Flohr - Adobe Lightroom

    Rikk will be teaching a half-hour session on the use of the new Color Range Masking tool in Lightroom’s local adjustment tools. The new tool allows for much finer control when making selective adjustments in many types of image processing.

     7:15-7:45pm - Dawn Van Tassel - Keeping it Legal: What Pros need to Know

    What sorts of contracts do you need to have in place? What are your intellectual property rights if someone steals your images?  Experienced business attorney Dawn Van Tassel from Van Tassel Law Firm in Minneapolis will answer these and many more questions.

    • 02/12/2018
    • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

    The Craft of Photography: Using the Twelve Elements to Improve your Everyday Work

    So often we think of Print Competition as a way to get hardware (i.e. trophies) but the true vale of Print Competition comes in its ability to make us see our work through more critical eyes. Using the Twelve Elements of a Merit Print as a guide, Bryan will show how you can use the principles of Print Competition to become a better photographer by seeing the world more carefully and with an eye to creating images that will not only please your clients but perhaps win you that coveted trophy you desire.

    Bryan, has his Craftsman degree from PPA and is a PPA Approved Photographic Instructor, and Fellow of OPPA. Bryan has spoken to affiliates across the country and at the PPA national convention. A second generation photographer with a a specialty in Corporate and Senior Photography.


      • 03/12/2018
      • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

      Details Coming Soon!

        • 04/09/2018
        • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
        • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

        Details Coming Soon!

          • 05/14/2018
          • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
          • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

          Kira Derryberry's presentation will be cover two distinct topics:

          Level Up: Unlock Your Potential

          Have you ever met a carpenter who only uses a hammer? A chef who only uses a hot plate? As professionals we have a wealth of tools at our disposal to create our art. So why limit ourselves by shooting only one way? In this program Kira will discuss bridging the gap between photographic styles new and old. Learn how to unlock your potential as an artist by studying the foundations of lighting, posing, and composition. Kira will have you consider how to use the classic rules to your advantage and develop your own personal style as an artist by having more tools in your bag. Leave this program ready to shoot with purpose and intent. Get ready to level up!

          Creating Natural Looking Light

          In this program, Kira will jump start your range as a photographer by introducing a one light system. This is the perfect program if you are new to studio lighting! Learn how to simulate natural looking lighting when there may be no light available. Keep true to your photographic lighting style by being able to create the look and feel of natural light in any situation while increasing your skills!

          Kira Derryberry, M.Photog. Cr. Photog, CPP is a portrait photographer based in Tallahassee, FL, She's a Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, a councilor for the state of Florida for the PPA, Director for the Florida Professional Photographers and in 2017 was elected to the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of America. Her teaching resume most recently includes instructor for PPA Edu, 2017 Preconvention Speaker at Imaging USA. Kira has also been invited to be a platform speaker at Imaging USA 2018. In 2013 and 2014, Kira also earned the local titles of Best of Tallahassee from Tallahassee Magazine Readers as well as 2014 Photographer of the Year through TPPG. Kira is an active competitor in both the state and International Print Competitions and earned silver medals in 2014 and 2015 and a Platinum medal in 2016 at IPC. Her Loan Collection Image, "The Skeptic" was featured on the March 2016 Cover of Professional Photographer Magazine along with a feature article on her work. Kira has completed the PPA Judges training in August 2016 and is now a PPA Juror in Training.

            • 07/09/2018
            • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
            • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

            Black and White Children's Character Portraits

            We will go into how I consult with my clients prior to our Children's Character Portrait Session. What I'm after and the "Authenticity" that we need in order to make these type of pictures to really shine. The clothing, the dirt, the expression, and the props.

            We'll then go into how we produce the portraits including how I light them, what I've found to be good working exposures, the poses that work well, and how many shots I try to make. These portraits are also about efficiency.

            Finally, we'll go into the post production that I do to finish these images along with sizes I offer to clients. These are commissioned portraits rather than volume sessions.

            It's my goal to leave you prepared to start producing these as soon as you are ready. The great thing about in person education is being able to ask questions.  So please don't be afraid to ask - it's the best way we can all learn!

            Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr., CPP - Pete is a portrait photographer located in Reno, Nevada. His primary business is Family and Children's photography, with a specialization in Black & White portraiture. He has been in business since 2003 and making the move to full time work in 2010. He had a top 10 Grand Imaging Children's Portrait in the 2015 International Photographic Competition as well as being a Platinum Medalist in 2016 and 2015 International Photographic Competition. He was also named a Top 10 photographer for state of California and 2015 California Child Portrait Photographer of the Year. He was a 2014 Gold Medalist in the International Photographic Competition. He also earned a Kodak Gallery Award for Western States District in 2012. He's an active supporter of PPA Charities and was the top donor for 2016 and 2015 Celebration of Smiles Day benefiting Operation Smile as well as earning several print awards from PPA Charities including 2016 Image Impact award and over all best image from 2015 Celebration of Smiles Day. He is also a huge proponent of the Certified Professional Photographer program offered through PPA and is an approved instructor for the CPP Prep Class.


              • 08/13/2018
              • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
              • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

              Photoshop Workflow Automation: Tips & Tricks

              Time is a precious commodity. Time spent wrestling computers, software, and digital images in post processing is not nearly as valuable as time spent selling our services, creating great images, or even work/life balance time with family and friends. Today's digital workflow can be a blessing or a curse depending on how much of your time it consumes. A manually intensive post production workflow can consume your free time, delay delivery of images to clients, and generally create a burden that dulls the excitement of the great images we create.

              Join Mike Price as he explains a variety of time saving techniques in your digital workflow that will appeal to a wide range of skill levels. Mike will focus on freeing up your time by speeding up your workflow by demonstrating:

              • Working space organization on your desks

              • Organizing your image folders

              • File naming time savers

              • Using metadata like keywords and IPTC fields in images

              • Setting custom shortcut keys that fit your style

              • Streamlining Photoshop menus

              • Creating and managing your most used tool presets

              • Photoshop built-in tools that can save you time

              • Move repetitive work into Photoshop Actions, Batches, and Droplets

              • Inexpensive external tools to run Actions at the push of a button

              • Demonstration of multiple elements described above to retouch an image quickly

              • Combine images, text, and templates to create hundreds of customized images automatically

              • Overview of the power of scripting 

                • 09/10/2018
                • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
                • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

                Details Coming Soon!

                  • 10/08/2018
                  • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
                  • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

                  Commercial Business Portraits - This is a program focuses on all aspects of creating a commercial business portraits. From marketing, lighting, posing, up-sales, and retouching, this course is great because it can cater to any photographer. I started getting into business portraits to make extra income during the off-season of my senior portrait business, and not the business portraits bring in almost as much income with considerably less overhead. I teach how to make a marketing plan to find clients in your area along with techniques to get their business. I also do a live demo shoot and show different lighting techniques to achieve multiple looks in studio or on location. I then use CaptureOne and photoshop to edit those photos as individuals and groups. Lastly, I talk about how I am able to create more sales from those clients by offering additional photographic services to them. 

                  Developing a Commercial Photography Portfolio - Over the last 10 years, I have had the chance to work with some of the top photo agencies in the country and also meet with photo editors and art producers from some of the biggest magazines and advertising agencies. Through this experience, I have picked the brains of hundreds of people and listened to feedback which has helped me work with many photographers to narrow down their vision and create portfolios/websites that really showcase their best work. In this class, we will talk about how to get passed the emotional attachment photographers have to their work, and how to start editing and selecting their best images to help really show their vision and get more work. From the physical layout of a printed portfolio, to planning personal shoots to expand your library of images, we will focus on making a plan that keeps you motivated and on track to getting more work in the world of advertising photography.

                    • 11/12/2018
                    • 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
                    • Century College - Bruening Room (E1421) - 3300 Century Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

                    Getting Ready for Print Competition
                    1. Beginning print competition for the first time. (State/District/International)
                    2. Life of a print in competition
                    3. Going through the 12 elements of a print merit
                    4. Going through the rules of competition, and what they need
                    5. Advice and tips to new talents
                    6. Critique
                    7. Print or Digital? (the benefit of print)
                    8.Game: “What did it score?”

                    I’ll explain how personal projects can be beneficial to you and to your growth. I’ll explain 6 ways of storytelling and how to get hired doing what you love through your personal work.

                    -Bringing personal work into client work.
                    -Getting them to buy for sure that one piece of artwork you’ve created

                    Dan Francis M.Photog, CPP, Coucilor
                    One of his earliest experiences as a photographer was when he was seven years old while he was visiting Yellowstone National Park and he had used his parents 35mm camera throughout the park. The sights he saw that day took him down the road of art.

                    He began his art in high school taking all eight classes of art that were offered. He learned the rules of color, mood, patience, and creative thinking. He brought his art into the digital world by graduating with honors in Graphic Design in 2003. After graduating from college, he worked at a photography studio for 6 years continuing his vision through the camera. Dan’s work has been seen around the world through his website and published work. He has owned his own business, located downtown Fargo since 2008. He specializes in Fine-Art Photography, Photo Restoration and is always looking to learn the way of everything photography.

                      • 12/10/2018
                      • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
                      • TBD
                      Registration is closed

                      Come join us for our Holiday Gathering celebrating another wonderful year of education, fellowship and fun. Mark your calendar for this event to take the time to enjoy fellow TCPPA Members, guests and the success of your studio and self development in providing exceptional photography for your clients.

                      $30 per person Member & First Guest / $35 Non-Member or Additional Guests

                      Plus, don’t forget to bring a gift for the white elephant gift exchange!

                      5:00-6:00pm - Cocktail hour and Silent Auction**
                      6:00-7:00pm - Dinner
                      7:15pm - Silent Auction Closes, Presentation of 2017 Board of Directors and white elephant gift exchange
                      8:15pm - Live Auction** Begins
                      8:30-9:00pm - Auction check-out & departure

                      Silent Auction items to be announced!

                      Past events

                      01/09/2018 Print Competition Preparation Critique {Members Only Plus Event}
                      12/11/2017 TCPPA Holiday Party and Silent Auction
                      12/07/2017 Print Competition Preparation Workshop {Members Only Plus Event}
                      11/16/2017 Sarah Elizabeth {Members Only Plus Event}
                      11/13/2017 Cathy Anderson Landscapes
                      10/26/2017 Meet Your Board - Christi Williams {Member Only Event}
                      10/17/2017 Dawn VanTassel {Members Only Plus Event}
                      10/10/2017 Workshop - Russ Harrington - 700 Album Covers What I've Learned
                      10/09/2017 Russ Harrington: Record album covers with fresh, innovative ideas
                      09/19/2017 Rich Osness on Working with Children & Parents {Members Only Plus Event}
                      09/11/2017 Kevin Jairaj Shooting Wedding and Portraits with Flair
                      08/17/2017 Meet Your Board - Morgan Mosiman {Member Only Event}
                      08/14/2017 Trish Logan Bring your Big Guns to Volume Sales
                      08/06/2017 Reenactment Photography Event {Members Only Plus Event}
                      07/23/2017 CANCELED: Meet Your Board - Lisa Asp {Member Only Event}
                      07/10/2017 Adam Hunter Compositing in Photoshop
                      06/16/2017 Camping & Photo Safari at Minneopa State Park {Members Only Plus Event}
                      06/12/2017 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
                      06/10/2017 Meet Your Board - Liz & Tom Hanly {Member Only Event}
                      05/09/2017 Workshop - Sandra Pearce Demystifying the Art of Photoshop Painting
                      05/08/2017 Sandra Pearce Painting in Photoshop
                      05/05/2017 Meet Your Board - Nate Peterson {Member Only Event}
                      05/05/2017 Projection Sales Process & Psychology with Nate Peterson {Members Only Plus Event}
                      04/12/2017 Pin ups: Finding Beauty in Everyone {Members Only Plus Event}
                      04/10/2017 Jeff Gump: Volume- Sports and Event Photography
                      03/13/2017 Teri Fode: Top Marketing Strategies for 2017
                      02/16/2017 Rod & Steph Oman: Crack Your Client's Buying Code {Member Only Plus Event}
                      02/13/2017 Paul Rogers: Monochromatic Storytelling
                      01/01/2017 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
                      01/01/2017 2017 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap
                      12/12/2016 TCPPA 2016 Holiday Party and Silent Auction
                      12/01/2016 Print Competition Prep {Member Only Plus Event}
                      11/14/2016 Whitney Stevens- From Birth to One
                      10/10/2016 Stephen Moody - Discovering the Artist Within
                      10/09/2016 Seniors: Blending Confidence & Style with Julie Prairie, CPP {Member Only Plus Event}
                      09/25/2016 Photographer's Self Defense {Member Only Plus Event}
                      08/26/2016 Tettegouche Photo Safari {Members Only Plus Event}
                      08/15/2016 Craig LaMere - Portraits
                      07/11/2016 TCPPA Ren Fest Summer Shoot-Out
                      06/27/2016 Personal Selling with Confidence! {Member Only Plus Event}
                      06/13/2016 Ian Plant - Supercharge Your Vision
                      05/09/2016 Ben Shirk
                      05/03/2016 White House Custom Colour Lab Tour {Member Only Plus Event}
                      04/11/2016 David Trust, CEO of PPA
                      04/05/2016 Editorial Photography with Layne Kennedy {Member Only Plus Event}
                      03/21/2016 Barbara Breitsameter
                      03/15/2016 Speed Up Your Workflow with Lightroom {Member Only Plus Event}
                      02/29/2016 Photoshop Actions, presents & Shortcuts {Members Only Plus Event}
                      02/08/2016 Bry Cox
                      01/25/2016 Print Competition & Prop Drop and Swap

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