President's Letter

Welcome to all TPPA Members, I’d like to take a minute of your time to chat about our organization. TCPPA has been striving to provide members with a wide variety of top-notch educational opportunities, while keeping membership affordable. The board works hard all year round to ensure monthly meetings have meaningful content presented by speakers from all over the country.

In addition to monthly meetings we create Member only Plus Events. If you have not yet attended a Plus Event, you may be surprised by the content provided. Events vary in topics such as; Food styling, Legal documents & contracts, Camping photo event, Pin-up shoot, When/Why to use a make-up artist, In-person sales, fire Dancers, CPA income tax law, Lightroom and this is just a sampling of topics.

I believe while on-line education has become a strong asset for photographers, there is a real need to the in-person connections and networking connections we can make every month. TCPPA has been successfully making changes to grow member benefits, and thus membership. With a more robust membership, we increase the talent and knowledge available to the organization and each other. I believe we all have unique ways of looking at challenges and opportunities that we all face as small business owners, with the sharing of our experiences we all grow.

The strength of an organization is the membership, I encourage all members to let your voice be heard by getting more involved; join a committee, help out with monthly meetings, help plan a Plus Event. When you share your unique skills and insights you help make TCPPA even stronger. If you are looking for a more substantial challenge to give back to the industry consider joining the board. There is something special knowing that we are part of a group that is working to enhance photography. We strive to raise the level of photography for not only other photographers, but also for our clients and the health of the industry.

I am looking forward to the year ahead with all the opportunities and challenges it may present, knowing I am part of a great photography family, filled with so much talent and drive.

Tom Hanly, CPP
TCPPA President

"Twin Cities Professional Photography Association" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. Copyright 2017 TCPPA all rights reserved.

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