TCPPA Mentorship program is designed to help members work together to elevate each other and the photographic industry through mutual respect & collaboration.

Mentor and Mentee are to submit a proposed schedule to the board for final approval, Include topics you plan to cover, as well as scheduled in person and phone / online meetings. Schedule should show a minimum of one (1) in person meeting lasting at least one hour every other month. On off months, one (1) ½-hour phone call, Skype or other form of on-line type meeting, or additional in person meeting.

It is expected that both parties will make strong effort to create a positive experience.

Mentor requirements:
1. Complete questionnaire to assist the board in matching mentors & mentees.
2. Reach out to Mentee to provide preferred communication method(s)
3. Welcome mentee into mentorship program with a self-introduction.
a. Schedule an introductory meeting to review goals.
b. Schedule to meet monthly throughout the mentorships, per guidelines above.
4. Be available for scheduled meetings and reasonable ongoing communication between meetings.
5. Provide open feedback and constructive input to assist with mentee’s growth.

Mentor Compensation:
Mentor will receive $50.00 off membership dues the year following successful completion* of mentorship. (Mentorship compensation is only applied to TCPPA membership dues, and has no cash value)

Mentee requirements:
1. Complete questionnaire to board to assist in matching mentors & mentees
2. Meet with Mentor to introduce yourself and to identify the areas you want to strengthen and/or gain experience. Be open to information and feedback brought forth by Mentor.
3. Be available for scheduled meetings. and reasonable ongoing communication between meetings.
4. Be respectful of Mentor’s schedule; allow reasonable time for reply to communication, between scheduled meetings.

Mentee will pay $50.00 fee at beginning of mentorship.

Mentor/Mentee resolution:
Any changes that will affect the completion of the mentorship should be brought to the board to assist in resolution.

Upon completion of mentorship both mentor & mentees will be required to complete a feedback form to

the board.

*Successful completion of the mentorship will be determined by the end of year feedback completed by the mentor and mentee. Reasons for not completing the pre-approved meeting schedule should be brought to the boards attention at the time the incident occurs.

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