Introducing the TCPPA Loon Pin

We have an exciting new program for everyone called the TCPPA Loon Pin. What is the Loon Pin you ask? Well, it’s a representation of your participation in TCPPA events and competitions in a single year. To earn a Loon Pin, you’ll need to acquire 15 Loon Pin points in one calendar year. You can earn these points for attending paid workshops, classes, entering competition, and volunteer service. In fact, you’ll need at least one point in each area to qualify. To track your Loon Pin Points, click the on the picture to download your Loon Pin Passport. Bring this to any and all TCPPA events to get a sticker for participating and helping out. Any workshops, competitions or volunteer service you rendered this calendar year is eligible for inclusion.  At the end of the year—before November 15th—you’ll need to apply for your Loon Pin.  Applications will be reviewed and pins will be distributed at the Holiday Gala in December.

So how do you earn points? There’s LOTS of opportunity for that. Here are some of the things you can do—but this list is not exhaustive. If you have questions, talk with a board member.

•Attend ImagingUSA (two points)
•Attend AIM Full Conference (two points)
•Attend other Educational Events such as SYNC, Portrait Masters, WPPI, Texas School, ShutterFest, PhotoPlus, PhotoPro, Showit United (or other educational events pre-approved by the board) (one point per event)
•Attend monthly TCPPA meeting (one point per meeting)
•Attend Plus Class (one point per class)
•Class Instructor (one point to teach a class for TCPPA members, this includes PPA Plus Classes) 

•Enter Print Competition (one point regardless of number of entries)
•Volunteer for Print Competition Crew (one point for all day event)

•Formal set up/tear down at meetings (one point per event)
•Work Registration/Name Tag Table (one point per event)
•Host a Guest/New Member at a meeting (one point per event)
•Committee Service (one point per committee served)
•Board Service (two points)
•Recruit new TCPPA member (one point per recruit)
•Volunteer for AIM Convention (one point)
•Write Newsletter Article (one point per article)
•Above and Beyond Recognition (one point)

You may be wondering what Above and Beyond Recognition is. That’s when a board member recognizes that a TCPPA member has made an extraordinary contribution to the running of TCPPA and deserves extra recognition for that. It may or may not be granted in any given year but the opportunity is there for the taking.

Remember, TCPPA is what YOU make of it—so make it great while you earn your TCPPA Loon Pin. 

Click above to download your Loon Pin Passport and track your progress
your TCPPA Loon Pin. Print out your passport and bring it
to events to receive your official stamp.

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