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archambault mary smMary Archambault Awarded the TCPPA 2014 Scholarship

Twin Cities Professional Photographer Association
Liz Hanly
Posers Photography
7600 W. 27th St., Suite 235 St. Louis Park, MN 55426


My name is Mary Archambault and I am a student at Hennepin Technical College. I have been a student member of TCPPA for that last year. Not only have I gained much technical information from your seminars, but networking as well. Attending the meetings and competitions held here at the school have provided me with so many great opportunities, such as volunteering for your print competitions which helped me prepare for one the held at Northern Lights where I entered four prints, one of which scored quite well.

I have started college for several different career paths, and I have finally found the one that will make me the happiest. Studying commercial photography at HTC has been so fulfilling, I have got my first assisting jobs, been accepted for a Student Showcase in Communication Arts, and begun a mentorship program with Ignite Models  for weekly test shoots for their new faces.

Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity, the world of photography  is not a cheap one, especially for a full time student heavily involved with local photography groups, and as the president oflmages Club. With your help, the burden of costly equipment can be lessened for me, by providing me a good start to a saving up for those basic equipment needs.

Mary Archambault

2014 Mary Archambault