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We are lucky. Lucky to have such a great organization. Lucky to have active members. Lucky to have an enthusiastic leadership team. Lucky to have a great community that supports us (such as our community colleges and the Renaisance Festival). Lucky to have sponsors to support our education (such as our labs). But not all organizations are so lucky.

The members of the Illinois affiliate recently voted to dissolve their organization. Several other affiliates are not far behind. For those of us who enjoy and value TCPPA (or other similar groups), it’s a sad day. The industry Is changing. There are more opportunities for online education, the online communities as a whole have offered photographers a chance to connect 24/7 without leaving their homes. So why continue to fight for TCPPA?

Relationships. Personal ones! I have a ton of online friends, several people who I met in person for the first time this year at ImagingUSA. And though I have great relationships with those people online, I can honestly say that I didn’t even recognize their faces when we got together. It was really bizarre. In the not-quite 6 years I have now lived in Minnesota, some of by closest friends are people I met right here, through TCPPA. Even though these people are competition, there is a friendship and a professional respect for one another. These are people I would do a favor for if asked, and people I would feel comfortable asking if I needed something. You just don’t get that online.

The TCPPA Board continues to work hard to come up with additional ways to bring our members together, to keep the organization active and valuable. I’m so excited for a few things that are in the works! But, we can use some help. For as many ideas as we have, we are still just 7 people with other jobs and we can’t do it all ourselves. Do you have a few hours to spare to help with a project? Please let us know – we would LOVE to have a few extra sets of hands.

Thank you all for valuing TCPPA. Keep coming to meetings. Keep telling your friends how great the group is. And keep bringing your ideas and suggestions to your Board of Directors.

Lisa Asp, M. Photog., Cr., CPP

TCPPA President