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February… Awe, the month of LOVE. Are you doing what you love? So many times photographers start their business because they love photography, only to find out later when you run a photography business it’s not just about the photography, but everything else. And that LOVE they first had goes away. So what can we do to keep that LOVE and passion in our work? A few ideas:


  1. Remember what it felt like before you started your business – the thrill you got when you tried some new techniques. You can STILL do this! Push yourself out of your comfort zone with different subject matter or different techniques that you use in your everyday work.
  2. Enter Print Competition. I know you hear about this all the time, but it’s true. It will force you to think outside the box. Yes, competition can be a frustrating beast, but it can also be extremely rewarding and will allow you to shoot for YOU – do whatever you want to do and the best you can do it. You will learn a ton and you will become a better artist.
  3. Volunteer. Do something that aligns with your beliefs and interests. There are so many non-profits that rely on help from volunteers. Find one. Get involved. Give back. You will meet new people and be inspired by them. And volunteering will make you feel really, really good.
  4. Do a fun artistic or crafty workshop with some friends. There are so many opportunities to do a “wine and paint” night, or a pottery class, or learn about video or knitting. Take a dance class or join a community choir or band. Find a different form of release for your creativity and you will feel that passion flow back into your photography as well.

Bottom line – our businesses are also our jobs, and almost no one can say they love every aspect of their job. We don’t have to. But doing those things we don’t love will also allow us the opportunity to continue doing the things we DO love. Sometimes we need a little nudge to push through the down days. Finding your inspiration and energy to continue that love will keep that passion showing in our work.

Go out. Be inspired. And create.

Lisa Asp, M. Photog., Cr., CPP

TCPPA President