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Lisa AspIt’s already December. Where has the year gone? We had our Annual Meeting for the membership at the end of November’s monthly speaker. Since it was just a small handful of people who were in attendance, I will offer a quick recap (full details will be in the “Members Only” area of the website.


TCPPA is very stable and in a growth pattern. Our membership has increased by about 11% over the last year.

Our finances are stable, and thanks to careful planning and the incredible sponsorships we are able to negotiate, we are actually working a bit under budget for this year. We’ve gotten great feedback on this year’s events – both the monthly meetings as well as the TCPPA Plus events. Our greatest challenge is in getting our members to take ownership of the organization and get involved.

The Board of Directors will decrease from 10 members to 6 members for 2017. This means either some benefits of membership will need to be cut, or we NEED additional help from our members with the committee tasks. Many affiliates across the country are closing their doors – mostly for financial reasons or lack of membership. TCPPA is in great shape in those departments. We see a serious threat to the organization, though, in future leadership and planning, and that would be a horrible reason for the organization to dissolve. This is a serious problem.

If you enjoy TCPPA and find value in being a member, I am begging you to step up and help. We are not asking for a major, long-term commitment – there are many small tasks that can be done. Please don’t expect the same 6 people to carry the weight of the 140 members. That weight gets heavy. And several of those 6 people have been doing this for years and are ready for a break.

TCPPA has a lot of great momentum going forward, and your Board of Directors is very excited about the direction we’re headed and the growth we’re seeing. We are always looking to improve, though, so please feel free to offer feedback and suggestions. Or better yet, volunteer some time to help.

I hope to see you at the TCPPA Holiday Party!