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Lisa AspI hope you’re all having a good autumn and are ready for the crazy next 6 weeks or so! We can all relate to the busy-ness and pressure this time of the year. But, in the midst of it all, I hope you remember to take care of yourself and put the upcoming TCPPA dates on your schedule – you will appreciate the break from your computer and can come commiserate with your photography friends who feel the same way.


We’ve just added our final TCPPA Plus event of the year to the calendar. December 1 Dave Johnson and I will host a print competition preparation event. Our annual print competition is coming up January 23 (official rules and registration info to come soon!), so if you want some feedback on things you have in the works or want to learn what print competition is all about and how to prepare your images for a PPA competition, please join us! Competition is such a great way to push yourself and your creativity while improving your skillset for your everyday work.

Check out the full calendar on the last page of the newsletter, add the dates to your schedules, and don’t forget to breathe these next few weeks!