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Lisa AspThe upcoming months are a busy time for many of us with family portraits and holiday orders. I want to encourage everyone to enjoy this time with your clients, and try not to get overwhelmed and exhausted. So many of us like to think we can do it all and we spend all night every night retouching, editing and even packaging orders. One of the best things I have done for myself (and therefore my business) is outsourcing some of that work.

It has helped me keep my sanity and actually see my family! There are many companies who do retouching – I have found it very worthwhile to send my images off to them for the basics, then do my “final touch” when they come back. This has saved me countless hours and is such a relief. You can also ask your lab to package your orders in their boutique packaging – most offer this service. Packaging is an easy task, for the most part, but definitely sucks away the time when you have a bunch of orders that have just come in. Think about your workflow and what things don’t actually need YOU to accomplish the task. Outsource these things when you’re busy and do them yourself to save a few bucks when your schedule is slower. Trust me - you will be happy you did!