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Lisa AspI’m in absolute disbelief that it is already September. This year is flying by! And this month is a busy one for TCPPA. We are going to start with our regular member’s meeting on September 12 featuring Landon Day and real estate photography, then we have a special all-day workshop with the amazing Tim Walden on September 19. He’s got a lot of info to share and will be doing a shooting demo of his famous black

& white portraiture. Then, don’t miss the next TCPPA Plus event September 25: Photographer’s Self-Defense. I know a lot of people have been excited for that one, so be sure you get signed up.

It’s that time of the year that our annual Early-Bird membership rates will begin as well as the Buddy Pass membership, which is always the best deal. Start thinking about who you might want to sign up with – most likely you know a photographer who’s not currently a member or someone who was previously a member but let their membership lapse. What better time for them to join than during this deal? More info in the newsletter…

Finally, we are looking for nominations for new board members for next year, so if you are interested or know someone you think would be a great addition to the leadership team, please let us know! There is a link in the "About TCPPA" area on the website with info as well as a place to make a nomination. Check it out! Please get involved – there is always a need for new ideas and energy. Don’t expect the same people to stay in leadership roles forever. The strength of the organization comes from its members, so please step up!