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All TCPPA Board Members Sign and adhere to a Conflict of Interest and Social Media Policy

All TCPPA Board Members are required to attend Board Meetings and Member Meetings

All TCPPA Board Members are Responsible for Clean Up after Meetings


  • Organize and lead monthly board meetings
  • Introduce speakers at monthly programs
  • Send thank-yous to speakers and hosts
  • Take out of town speakers to dinner when appropriate
  • Assist Vice-President with finding speakers and meeting locations
  • Register TCPPA with the PPA each year
  • Oversee duties of Officers and Board Members
  • Obtain PPA merits and MPPA credits for monthly speakers and outgoing President


  • Make contacts and arrangements for speakers and program locations
  • Introduce speaker if President is not available
  • Preside at monthly board meetings if President is not available.


  • Take minutes at monthly board meetings
  • Maintain a current membership list; coordinate with newsletter editor and webmaster
  • Greet and check in members at monthly meetings, distribute name tags
  • Have membership application forms available at monthly meetings
  • Send out statements to membership for annual dues
  • Handle registration / payments for special programs
  • Coordinate annual election with Past-President


  • Maintain TCPPA checkbook
  • Pay all TCPPA bills including speaker fees, PPA dues, phone bills, meeting
  • Facility fees and other expenses
  • Collect annual dues and guest fees
  • Maintain and Report the TCPPA Budget at Board Meetings


  • Help with meeting set up and clean up
  • Greet members and non-members as they arrive; make them feel welcome!
  • Serve on one or more of the following committees:
    • Advertising/Newsletter
    • Website
    • Communication
    • Meals/Refreshments
    • Social Events
    • Name Tags/Hosts
    • TCPPA Charities
    • Print Competiton
    • Membership
    • Speakers
    • Historian

Print Crew Chairperson – (one person in charge for the year)

  • Keep track of scores
  • Bring equipment to print competition meetings:
  • Judging lights and stands and cords
  • Calculator
  • Paper and pencils for judges
  • Ribbons and maintain supply
  • Easel
  • Light Meter
  • Order plaques / certificates for awards - one for each category

Refreshments Coordinator

  • obtain when not supplied by sponsor - bill treasurer

Past-President - Chairman of the Board

  • Be a resource person for President and Board Members
  • Act as David Award (Staples Award) committee chairperson
  • Coordinate nominations and annual election with Secretary